Tipperary Natural Mineral Water

Awards & Quality

We believe that Tipperary Water is the best water you can buy, but don't take our word for it. Since 1989 we have been awarded 7 International Gold Medals for taste, quality and excellence in blind tasting tests by The British Bottlers Institute. We are the only Irish natural mineral water to win this many medals, which is also the world record!

Natural Mineral Water Status:

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water was the first Irish water to receive Natural Mineral Water status in 1987. This means that we comply with the most stringent regulations for quality and mineral analysis of bottled water, as set down by European Legislation. This also means we are not allowed to treat our water at source. This ensures that the product you receive is as pure and natural as the water 300ft below the surface.

National Standards Authority of Ireland:

In 1994 we were the first water cooler company to receive the National Standards Authority of Ireland's award for bottled water. This means that we source and bottle our water to Irish and EU standards of excellence.


Our natural mineral water is made up of minerals to help promote a healthy body. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, muscles and nerves. Magnesium is important for your immune system and sodium is vital for regulating blood pressure.

Calcium: 37, Magnesium: 23, Sodium: 25, Potassium: 17, Bicarbonate: 282, Chloride: 13, Sulphate: 10, Nitrate: 0.5

Total Dissolved Solids 272, pH at source 7.7.

Awards and Accreditations

We're delighted to announce that the fresh, pure taste of Tipperary Natural Mineral Water has scooped two gold medals at the 2009 British Bottlers Institute (BBI) Awards in London. Along with our wins over the past 20 years, this victory brings Tipperary Natural Mineral Water's total to an impressive 7 GOLD MEDALS & a new world record!

Since 1961, this highly prestigious waters and soft drinks competition awards competitors from around the world based on blind tastings. With entries from as far afield as Kenya, bringing home a world record 7 gold medals for our still and sparkling mineral waters is a true cause for celebration.